SP 1250DLE

Clean power for the next generation

SP 1250DLE Overview

Our newest digital UPS is designed for ITS and traffic applications, including the new low-voltage ATC cabinets. It’s the only double conversion, true on-line UPS with both AC and DC power inputs and outputs, and it comes in a compact 1U rack-mounted package. The SP 1250DLE is designed for temperature extremes of ‑40°C to +74°C (-40°F to +165°F) and supports 85-155 VAC or 48 VDC input voltages, as well as generator input. The unit provides a 120 VAC output and 48 VDC, 24 VDC, and 12 VDC outputs, up to an 875 watt maximum for all outputs combined. For customers who do not yet require DC support but anticipate a future need, the SP 1250DLE can be ordered without DC output and later upgraded in the field.

SP 1250DLE 360° View

SP 1250DLE Specifications

Input #1
Voltage 85 - 155 VAC
Frequency 60 Hz ±5 Hz
Power Factor Power factor corrected
Input #2
Voltage 48 VCD nominal battery pack
Isolation Thru-neutral design
Outputs – General
Total Power 875 W maximum all outputs combined
Overload 120% for 10 mins
Isolation AC, 48 VDC and 24/12 VDC isolated from each other
UPS Protection Input and output short circuit / Input and output overload
Output #1 – AC
Voltage 120 VAC ±3%
Frequency 60 Hz
VA / Power 1250 VA / 875 W
THD 5% maximum
Isolation Thru-neutral design
UPS Protection Input and output short circuit / Input and output overload
Output #2A – DC
Voltage 48 VDC ±3%
Current 8 A
Power 400 W
Output #2B – DC
Voltage 24 VDC ±3%
Current 6 A
Power 144 W
Output #2C – DC
Voltage 12 VDC ±3%
Current 6 A
Power 72 W
Temperature -40°C to +74°C (-40°F to +165°F)
Humidity 95% maximum, non-condensing
Altitude -1000 to 10,000 ft
Cooling Forced air, Removable filter, Reversible direction
Standard Features Power factor corrected input, True on-line continuous power, Fully isolated DC output stages, Wide AC input operating range without battery use, High inrush current capability
Typical Recharge Time
(to 85% Capacity @ 100% Load)
3 to 5 hrs with SP 485B battery pack, 48 to 72 hrs with Outpost or Garrison batteries
Visual Indicators Battery status, AC input, DC input, Load status, Fault indicators
Switches / Control Panel System power, Cold start, Fault silence, Battery test, AC output, DC output
Audible Alarms For fault conditions
Intelligent Computer Interfaces Full interactive remote computer monitoring and control of most features including load control (requires optional monitoring software)
SNMP Interface Allows full control and monitoring interface over network connection. Compatible with HP Openview™, IBM Netview™, CA Unicenter TNG™, and other major software offerings.

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