The SP1250 XLE is a full‐featured on‐line dual conversion UPS rated for 1250 VA / 875 W that comes in a rack‐mounted 1U form factor. Clary’s unique technology conditions utility power and protects critical and valuable cabinet equipment from a broad range of power disturbances. The SP1250 XLE is designed to provide extended run time when configured with an available lithium battery pack or a 4 battery AGM system ‐ allowing traffic to continue running smoothly even when utility power is interrupted. When configured with Clary’s SP48LI X2 rack mounted lithium battery pack, the entire UPS system takes up only 3U of rack space. The SP1250 XLE is optimized to support industry standard 332 style controller cabinets without the need for a separate UPS or battery cabinet. The SP1250 XLE boasts a variety of features including three contact closures, built‐in SNMP communications and an OLED display. (One

contact closure is a low voltage DC output for powering an LED “On‐battery” indicator light on the outside of the cabinet.) The brightly lit 4‐line OLED display provides the user with critical information such as an event log, input/output status, battery status, temperature, SNMP IP address, firmware version and more. The event log is exportable to Excel in CSV format for analytical purposes. Real‐time data is available via the SNMPinterface. The SP1250 XLE is designed to withstand temperature extremes ranging from ‐40° C to 74° C, making it ideal for use inroadside traffic cabinets.

Options available in Q2 2023 include: 10A battery charger, 24/48VDC / 600W output module, rear power connections, and remote battery monitor with optional battery balancer.

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