The S1500-601 is a medical grade UPS system designed specifically for medical applications, with on-line technology that conditions and regenerates power 100% of the time. Engineered to meet UL listing 60601-1, it is proven to work when the power fails.

The S1500-601 supports 1500VA or 1050 watts of load for 7 minutes of back-up time, and also supports either 120Vac or 230Vac input auto selecting, in fact, it will support input voltages as low as 96Vac and as high as 264Vac. Output voltage is 120Vac. This is a very low leakage unit that supports devices that directly contact the patient.

The S1500-601 also supports input from generator power, and because the S1500-601 is an on-line unit it protects the devices connected to it by eliminating electrical anomalies that harm or destroy costly equipment.

The Clary S Series scientific-grade Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is built to protect precision instruments, sensitive electronics and medical systems. The S Series supplies reliable Continuous Digital Power during brownouts, dirty unstable electrical power events, and loss of input power. Unlike most other UPS’s, the S Series will run continuously from batteries or auxiliary generator systems as long as power is available.

Clary specializes exclusively in true On-Line Double Conversion technology, which provides ultimate protection from all power anomalies, keeping mission-critical applications protected and running. The S Series provides a digitally controlled precision regenerated output sine wave, unlike common standby or line interactive designs, and it is the only UPS of its class to offer medical grade performance. By supplying clean regulated power to sensitive medical devices, the S Series also protects the patient and procedure being performed by isolating the input from the output.

Connectivity features include remote control, configuration and monitoring of the UPS. Clary products are compatible with all major network operating systems.

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