The Clary CMN Series Uninterruptible Power Systems are built specifically for fixed and mobile military applications.
Clary’s industrial grade CMN Series are designed and assembled to perform at the highest level in extreme temperatures and rugged environments. All systems are true on-line products which are digitally microprocessor controlled to provide clean, regulated power under all tactical conditions.
All CMN Series systems are Power Factor Corrected (PFC) in real-time to ensure the highest possible efficiency. Full RS232 and SNMP interactive communications capability assures support of all types of command and control applications.
1250/1500/2000/2400/3000 and 4000VA; 120 through 240 VAC input 45 to 65 Hz, 120 through 240VAC output; 50 or 60 Hz. UL listed.
CMN Series products manufactured for US Navy consumption meet Mil Standards including: 167 and 901D for Shock And Vibration and CS101, 116, CE101, 102 for Radiated & Conducted EMI and FCC Class A specifications.

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