The CMN LX Series is a newly designed series of UPS systems that integrates Clary’s proven digital UPS architecture with the most current electronic components. Tailored for military shipboard applications and other similarly demanding installations, the CMN LX Series is designed with reduced height, depth and weight. All designs share a common user experience, interchangeable and customizable elements to facilitate integration and maintenance. The CMN LX Series is highly configurable, with selectable transformer isolation and firmware. External, expandable and field-configurable battery supports NPX, VRLA, Cyclon SLA or Lithium. Available in 6 models with power levels from 2500 VA to 4800 VA, CMN LX Series meets a host of military standards included 1399, 461, 167, 901D and 810 G.

The DT Series is a digital Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) which features Clary’s on-line double conversion, power factor corrected technology built for extreme temperature. Not only does the DT Series offer the highest reliability available on the market today, we consider it on-line double conversion technology at its best. We’ve built this system for that application where all others have failed due to extreme indoor or outdoor environmental conditions. The DT Series is available in three variants: standard, high temperature (HT), and extreme temperature (ET), which boasts and operating in temperature range from -40°C to +74°C. All DT Series systems utilize power factor correction, and RS232 and SNMP protocols are supported. Available in rack-mount configurations with extended battery run times, custom configurations and engineering available. Clary’s DT 1000R ET is the world’s most advanced UPS for extreme environment applications. The DT Series keeps equipment running for 10 minutes to 10 hours or more dependent upon optional battery sizing, during power failures.

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