The choice for extended run-time in extreme applications

The Garrison™ batteries are designed to provide extended runtimes of up to 25 hours* in extreme temperature applications. They have been field tested and used for years in the traffic and ITS markets. Operational from -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F). This maintenance-free sealed lead acid battery features absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99%. The Garrison series is offered in 80 and 100 Ampere-Hour (AH) ratings, each outputting 12 VDC. The batteries are available packaged in 48 VDC, 72 VDC, or 96 VDC strings. Includes models: CAGM‑1280, CAGM‑1280‑4, CAGM‑1280‑6, CAGM‑1280‑8, CAGM‑12100, CAGM‑12100‑4, CAGM‑12100‑6 and CAGM‑12100‑8.

* Actual runtimes will vary based on operational conditions such as temperature and load.

Battery back-up cabinets for traffic applications

Clary UPS peripheral cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards. Clary enclosures provide a safe watertight environment for traffic control systems. All cabinets are fully ventilated and made to accept generator input. Clary cabinets are NEMA 3R rated and can be manufactured to Caltrans, TEES standards. Clary can deliver standard cabinets or can custom configure them to meet your individual specifications.


  • Manufactured from .125″ thick 5052-H32 aluminum
  • Complete double flanged doorframe
  • Provisions for mounting forced air fan system with filtered input air
  • Stainless steel external hardware
  • Interior finish is anodize coating, Type II per MIL-A-8625C
  • Model CBS-127 — corbin lock installed
  • Model CBS-128 — best lock installed


  • Stainless steel door, lockable door handles
  • Louvered air vent with filter and bracket
  • Door sealed with neoprene gasket

Available finishes

  • Natural aluminum
  • Anodized
  • Stainless
  • Powder coat in various colors


  • CBL-123/CBL-124 corbin or best locks
  • CBB-123 base skirt
  • CBP-123 cabinet painting/power coat
  • CBT-123 thermostat and fan

Remote View is a client software running as a NMS (Network Management System). Users are provided with tree-view and list-view (Icon style and Report style) to monitor device in this software. User can upload a Map of their city/agency and plot in excess of 1,000 UPS systems deployed. This allows user to monitor all systems deployed from a single platform with visual and broadcast notifications.

Bypass switches allow you to bypass the UPS for utility power in the event the UPS needs to be serviced or removed. Crest factor ratio: 50% load up to 4.8:1, 75% load up to 3.2:1, 100% load up to 2.4:1. Several switches are offered. Model depicted: SPH 302 and SPD 302 with GFCI plug, circuit breaker and generator plug.

The optional SNMP/HTTP card functions as an SNMP agent and includes an embedded HTTP server (web server). This means that one industry standard management tool can be used to monitor and control all your UPS systems from one central location, and power management can be integrated into your existing network or building management strategy.

Designed for deep cycle, extreme temperature applications

The Outpost™ batteries are designed for deep cycle, extreme temperature applications. They have been field tested and used for years in the traffic and ITS market as well as the US military. Operational from -40°C to +74°C (-40°F to +165°F). Available in 41, 51 & 105 Ampere-Hour (AH) ratings. Outpost batteries are sealed lead acid batteries built using an advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) construction with microporous spun glass separators. The result is a highly reliable, non-spillable, maintenance-free battery usable in the most demanding applications. The casing is a copolymer polypropylene technology originally developed for military jet fighter applications where wide temperature range performance is demanded. Positive plates—special lead calcium. Includes models: OP72C‑41, OP96C‑41, OP72D‑51, OP96D‑51, OPB‑1241, and OPB‑1251.

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