SP 170-PDA

The only combination UPS and PDA in the marketplace

SP 170-PDA Overview

Clary’s SP 170‑PDA is another in a series of the world’s most advanced Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), designed to provide clean regulated power to controllers and other sensitive equipment inside the cabinet. Industry proven, the SP 170-PDA meets or exceeds Caltrans PDA requirements with on-line, double-conversion protection 100% of the time for reliable, continuous, and error-free operation regardless of utility power quality. Available in 3 models from 1250 VA / 850 W to 2000 VA / 1400 W, the SP 170-PDA has an operational temperature range of 0°C to +60°C (32°F to + 140°F), and will fit inside most existing cabinets. Options are available to accommodate intersections that have not yet replaced the yellow incandescent traffic lamps. Advanced communication features allow monitoring, configuration and control of the system over RS232, modem or network connections.

SP 170-PDA Specifications

Voltage 120 VAC +12%, -25% (without battery discharge)
Frequency 48 Hz to 62 Hz
Voltage 120 VAC ±3%
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Crest Factor Ratio 50% load up to 4.8:1, 75% load up to 3.2:1, 100% load up to 2.4:1
THD 4.00% maximum
Dynamic Response ±4% for 100% step load change 0.5 ms recovery time
Overload 110% for 10 sec; 200% for 50 ms
UPS Protection Input and output short circuit, Input and output overload, Excessive battery discharge
Temperature -40°C to +74°C (-40°F to +165°F)
Humidity 0% to 95% non-condensing
Altitude Sea level to 10,000 ft
Noise Level 46 dBA at 5 ft
Input Hardwired to chassis terminal block
Outputs Hardwired to chassis terminal block
H x W x D (in)
7.0 x 19.0 x 16.0
Weight (lb) 30
Standard Features Power factor corrected input, Fully regenerative, True on-line continuous power, Low distortion sine wave output, Designed for non-linear loads, Extended brownout protection, EIA/RS232 data interface
Certifications FCC Class A, IEEE 587/ANSI C62.4, IEC 555 @ 120 VA, NEMA
Typical Recharge Time
(to 85% Capacity @ 100% Load)
48-72 hrs (more time required with extended battery option), < 20 hrs (with optional fast battery charger)
Visual Indicators Battery level, Load level, AC in, Inverter on, Low battery, Summary alarm, Alarm silence
Switches / Control Panel System power, Cold start, Test, Alarm silence, Event counter with reset, Hour meter, Battery disconnect
Audible Alarms Utility interrupt, Inverter failure, Overload, Low battery, Self test
Intelligent Computer Interfaces ["Serial interface for EIA 232","Optional NTCIP and TCP\/IP via standard RJ45 connector","Full interactive remote computer monitoring and control of most features including load control (requires optional monitoring software)","NTCIP and TCP\/IP ready"]
Contact Closures "D" connector, Open collector (see user manual for additional interface information)
Cabinet NEMA or 332 cabinet style configurations
Model VA Watts Input Current Output Current Rating Backup Time*
100% / 50% Load
Weight (lb) Rackmount
H x W x D (in)
SP 170-PDA/1250 1250 875 8.8 A 10.4 A 1250 VA / 875 W 1.5 hours / 4.0 hours 30 7.0 x 19.0 x 16.0
SP 170-PDA/1250 Plus 1250 875 8.8 A 10.4 A 1250 VA / 875 W or 1400 W for 10 seconds 1.5 hours / 4.0 hours 30 7.0 x 19.0 x 16.0
SP 170-PDA/2000 2000 1400 14.3 A 20.0 A 2000 VA / 1400 W 1.0 hours / 3.5 hours 30 7.0 x 19.0 x 16.0

* Backup time is based on 41 Ah batteries

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