CT Series

Designed for extreme environments, built for mission-critical applications

CT Series Overview

Clary’s CT Series is an on‑line double conversion UPS designed for unique mission‑critical applications, such as offshore drilling rigs, refineries and shipboard use. All CT Series utilize power factor correction and can double as an electronic power conditioner/frequency converter. Available in a 3U rack‑mount configuration with extended battery options, the CT Series is UL listed and supports RS232 and SNMP protocols. Custom configurations for various input/output voltages are available beyond the standard ratings of 1250/1500/2000 and 2400 VA. Clary will build each system to meet specific application needs. A wide range of selectable features includes input/output isolation, switchable voltages, auto‑sense capability, input circuit breaker protection, and input/output termination selection options. Please contact Clary and see how we can meet your unique requirements.

CT Series Specifications

Voltage 120 VAC +10%, -20% (other input voltages available)
Frequency 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Isolation Yes, transformer
Voltage 120 VAC ±3%
Frequency Software selectable to sync with input utility or run at crystal controlled 50/60 Hz ±1 Hz
Crest Factor Ratio 50% load up to 4.8:1, 75% load up to 3.2:1, 100% load up to 2.4:1
THD 3.00% maximum (linear), 5.00% maximum (non-linear)
Dynamic Response ±4% for 100% step load change 0.5 ms recovery time
Overload 110% for 10 sec; 200% for 50 ms
Isolation Yes, transformer
UPS Protection Input and output short circuit, Input and output overload, Excessive battery discharge
Temperature 0°C to +40°C (+32°F to +104°F)
Humidity 0% to 95% non-condensing
Altitude Sea level to 10,000 ft
Noise Level 39 dBA to 42 dBA at 5 ft
Input NEMA 5-15P plug with 6 ft cord (1250 - 1500 VA connectors), NEMA 5-20P plug on 6 ft cord (2000 - 2400 VA connectors)
Outputs NEMA duplex receptacles 5-15R, 1.25K-1.5K, 5-20R, 2K-2.4K
Cooling Forced air, Removable filter, Replaceable Fan
Standard Features Power factor corrected input, Fully regenerative, True on-line continuous power, Low distortion sine wave output, Designed for non-linear loads, Extended brownout protection, RS232 data interface, Inverter powers load continuously, Continuous operation on -25% to +12% utility without draining batteries, Automatic bypass, AC output (2 channel load control), Rear mounted ground stud
Certifications FCC Class A, IEEE 587/ANSI C62.4, IEC 555 @ 120 VA, CUL, UL 1778
Typical Recharge Time
(to 85% Capacity @ 100% Load)
5 hrs
Visual Indicators Battery level, Load level, AC in, Inverter on, Summary alarm, Alarm silence, Load on
Switches / Control Panel System power, Cold start, Load I, Load II, Test, Alarm silence
Audible Alarms Utility interrupt, Inverter failure, Overload, Low battery, Self test
Intelligent Computer Interfaces RS232 data interface (DB-9), Full interactive remote computer monitoring and control of most features including load control (requires optional monitoring software), Compatible with RUPS™ and RUPS II™ and other major UPS software products
Contact Closures DB-9, Open collector
SNMP Interface Allows full control and monitoring interface over network connection. Compatible with HP Openview™, IBM Netview™, CA Unicenter TNG™, and other major software offerings.
Dry Contact Module Optional
Model VA Watts Input Current Output Current Rating Backup Time*
100% / 50% Load
Weight (lb) Rackmount
H x W x D (in)
CT 1250R 1250 875 8.8 A 10.4 A 1250 VA / 875 W 5.0 minutes / 18.0 minutes 79 5.25 x 19.0 x 23.0 (3U)
CT 1500R 1500 1050 10.7 A 12.5 A 1500 VA / 1050 W 5.0 minutes / 18.0 minutes 79 5.25 x 19.0 x 23.0 (3U)
CT 2000R 2000 1400 14.3 A 16.7 A 2000 VA / 1400 W 5.0 minutes / 17.0 minutes 92 5.25 x 19.0 x 23.0 (3U)
CT 2400R 2400 1680 18.3 A 20.0 A 2400 VA / 1680 W 5.0 minutes / 18.0 minutes 92 5.25 x 19.0 x 23.0 (3U)

* Backup time is based on 5 Ah batteries

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