Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will provide you information about how Clary Corporation gathers, uses and protects the personal, private and corporate information you provide while visiting our website.

Clary Corporation values your privacy, and it is our policy to never share your confidential information with any other company. Your name and information will never be rented, sold or shared. The information you provide is for Clary Corporation’s internal use only.

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. As you browse Clary’s website, you and your identity remain anonymous. We don’t collect personal information—including your email address—without your approval. We do log the number of total visits to our site and subsequent pages and may record which pages you visit and how long you spend there. However, we do not link your email address or computer’s IP address to anything personally identifiable.

You may be asked to voluntarily supply us with personal information, such as your email address and/or postal address for purposes such as correspondence, product registration, and requests for information or for product support.

We may use information that you have given us in order to learn more about our customers so that we can develop better products and services. We may also use the information to inform you about new products, services and offers that may be of interest to you. These offers may be based on information you provide in surveys, questionnaires or product registrations.

Clary may employ third-party email marketers to manage our email mailing list or activities. In the process of this management, your personal information will be kept in strict confidence and the third-party marketer will not be allowed to gather or use your personal information for its use or the use of its customers.

We provide you with the option to decline to receive email offers. All email offers that you receive from Clary will provide you the opportunity to unsubscribe.

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