City of Mission Viejo Success Story

Transportation Engineer, Philip Nitollama, moves Mission Viejo towards 100% backup coverage with Clary's cleans the electrical power

The biggest challenge was to fill her role. To continue all the programs, to keep all the funding, to keep the city safe. To keep the status-quo and not mess it up.”

Philip Nitollama is a man confident in his ability to keep the lights on, and system working.

But that hasn’t always been the case. When Philip joined Mission Viejo’s Department of Public Works as Traffic Engineer back in 2008 he knew he had big shoes to fill. His predecessor had been in the role for over 20 years and had left quite a legacy. Programs and relationships were well established, there was a lot of support from other departments, and things were running smoothly.

Being at the end of their power grid, the power that comes to our city is dirty power. Clary is one of the few, or only, battery backup systems that cleans the electrical power.”

But maintaining a system served by two separate power companies is not without difficulty.

Mission Viejo isn’t a huge city. With a population of around one-hundred thousand and 115 traffic signals, it’s like many of other cities in South California. However, what does make it, and consequently Philip’s role, unique is that it sits at the outer edge of two electrical grids, both served and maintained by independent and competitive utility companies. It’s in addressing this reality, that Philip and his city have come to rely on Clary.

Other brands seemed to fail immediately after their shelf-life. Clary models tend to last longer and Clary were willing to give us credit when upgrading models. They don’t treat us like a new customer like other brands.”

Philip has been progressively moving Mission Viejo towards 100% backup coverage.

When Philip took control of the system over a decade ago, very few of the city’s traffic signals had backup power supplies. The backups that were in place were purchased at different times, and supplied by different providers. Before long, Philip discovered that a number of the systems needed to be replaced.

They work well. They clean the power. They have great customer services. And they’re willing to provide credit for older models. We’ve been a happy customer and would be happy to provide a recommendation to anyone.”

Clary is now Mission Viejo’s preferred provider of UPS backup systems.

Philip isn’t emotional about his preference for Clary systems. He sees that preference as the very logical conclusion reached when weighing his experience with the competition, the quality of the Clary systems, and the customer service he has received over 12 years of dealing directly with the company. Is Philip likely to shout praises from the rooftops? No, he’s just not that type of guy. But he sure is likely to call Clary whenever he needs a backup system he can trust.

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