City of Cranberry Township Success Story

Manager of Traffic Operations, Marty McKinney, creates a system that runs itself though Clary's UPS systems

My busiest intersection sees about 75,000 vehicles daily. If a light goes dark there, I’m about ten seconds from total gridlock.”

Meet Marty McKinney, Manager of Traffic Operations for Cranberry Township.

Marty has a big personality. He’s always ready to drop a joke into a conversation. But when it comes to traffic control, he’s all business. For over 20 years, Marty has been working in traffic management in Cranberry Township, a growing town about 20 miles out of Pittsburg. The delightfully named Cranberry is a transportation hub, resting on the PA turnpike and a heavily-trafficked interstate highway. Confident in his role, Marty has no qualms about his responsibilities.

There’s no equal to Clary in the UPS market. I’ve tried other brands. Clary’s the best because of their double conversion technology. The package is truly robust. Tough and dependable.”

During 20 years of experience, Marty has honed in on what works.

When Marty’s career began, back in “the era of incandescent lightbulbs,” light outages were pretty common. To address the issue, Marty installed UPS systems throughout town. Navigating suppliers, purchasing specs, and budgetary restrictions, he experimented with different UPS providers, staying up-to-date about relevant technologies via trade shows, publications and webinars. After his initial years of research and experience, Marty now trusts Clary UPS units to keep lights operating, and traffic flowing at his most critical intersections.

Clary solutions have helped us become a proactive team, rather than a reactive team. When there’s an emergency, I want first responders focusing on community safety, not on traffic.”

Now, when the power’s out, Marty’s team—and his lights—don’t miss a beat.

Thanks to his dependable UPS units, when a storm, construction, or emergency arises in Cranberry, traffic flows normally. Marty doesn’t need to dispatch anyone to get a traffic light back online, saving his team time, money, and headaches. He puts those resources to better use, tweaking, measuring, and maintaining his system to make traffic more efficient every year.

My favorite thing about my Clary products is that I don’t ever have to think about them! It’s worth what you pay for. Especially when it comes to dependability. If you can get Clary through your purchasing specs, it’s the way to go.”

Marty recommends Clary UPS systems for dependable backup traffic light power.

Over 20 years, Marty has learned that when it comes to traffic technology, dependability trumps everything else. He’s always building dependability into his system, including his UPS units. With his signature humor, Marty calls himself a babysitter…of a very complex system. The goal is to create a system that runs itself. And Clary technology gets him closer to that goal.

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