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ISO 9001:2008

Clary's solid state, digital, on-line double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply technology provides ultimate protection to keep your equipment performing flawlessly in the toughest of environments.

For 40 years Clary has been engineering the highest performing UPS systems for mission critical applications. Every UPS system is built with true On-Line Double Conversion technology. No other UPS technology provides better power protection, especially in harsh environments. Clary systems are depended upon in hospitals, police and fire emergency systems, oil fields, rugged industrial applications, traffic signals, computer networks, military, aerospace systems and numerous other commercial and industrial applications. Clary UPS systems are built to work where others fail.

True On-Line Technology

Clary specializes exclusively in True On-Line Double Conversion technology, which provides ultimate protection from all power anomalies, keeping mission-critical applications running reliably. Our systems deliver a digitally controlled, precision regenerated output sine wave, unlike common standby or line interactive designs.

Uncompromising Performance

Clary UPS products are specifically designed for mission-critical applications; to work when all others fail. Our high performance UPS systems provide the highest level of power protection and are found in applications ranging from extreme temperature environments to offshore drilling rigs, military shipboard, 911 emergency systems and life-support systems.


Clary units supply reliable Continuous Digital Power during brownouts, dirty unstable electrical power and loss of input power. Unlike most other UPS systems, Clary UPS will run continuously from batteries or auxiliary generator systems as long as power is available.


Connectivity features include remote control, configuration and monitoring. Clary UPS products are compatible with all major network operating systems.

Off-the-Shelf and Custom Solutions

Clary manufactures a variety of superior power products in the USA. We own our technology, nothing comes from external sources. Therefore we can customize our products, or design completely new ones to meet your application requirements. Contact Clary for further details.